On tuesday i ride Prinssi, first time. He was awesome💓 I have been on the stable all the time, and tomorrow (thursday) i’m going to ground with 2 friends, and of course ride trainer and other guys.😉 I hope we gonna gallop on the field next to us. 😙
On thursday night some kinship comes to us from England/United Kingdom. Their plan bring to the ground 21.00 (in finnish time) and it takes 2 or almost 3 hours drive to our summer house😁 My dad is going to drive them, he start to Helsinki already today. But now starting to look at modern family (again😂), bye 😊

Yesterday with my best friend photographing on a field.🌾 I sleepover at her house, and today we gonna go to the stable on afternoon. 💓 Tomorrow probably i’m gonna ride the new horse Prinssi👑💗 He looks so cute, and he’s not so big. There is a pic of him (I take that yesterday) 😊⬆️
But now we gonna go outside and do something, bye ☺️💭


Today i ride Luka, bareback.💓 I ride with 2 friends and some another people.☺️ tomorrow i’m gonna ride (again😂) Luka with same friend. She loves a pony, Gullan💕 A new pony comes tomorrow to the stable, Prinssi😍 I gonna rent him next monday (28.7) with best friends💗 But of course i ride him before that😊 Now in Kirjais, on restaurant with family🍟

Yeasterday was littlebit scary!😮 It thunders heal night🙊 Now we are in the boat, on the way to Nauvo, where i have the summer house. My cousin is going to her friend, but first they drive me to Nauvo. Tomorrow i gonna go horseriding. I don’t know if i get photos of that, but hope that.😊💓

Bye, bye 💁

Lovely weekend // with sisters (cousins)💗
Boating, quod biking and swimming, all the time😻👌 My cousins are 11 and 12, and they have the summer house in Korppo🌞
👉 Go look at videos on instagram😙

Today with my baby😙😻💓

He’s name is Gael, but we call him Kalle😸 He’s born 1.7 2013, so he’s 1 years old. He’s a stray dog from spain, but living in finland, at my grandma🌞

❥ Love you Blues💘
Everybody call you Luka, but you’re real name is Blues😘
You’re a Welsh a pony, 9 years old, and worlds best little pony💘 I think at you all the time💗Can’t say how much i love you’ but i’m going to Helsinki today, but i’m coming back on wednesday. 🌞 On Thursday 11 o’clock i gonna ride you, See you later💕

Bye, bye guys😙

Todays and yesterdays pics of Luka and Dali💘 I’ve been ride Luka every day 2 times, but one time we changes our horses. Then i take Dali😙 Tomorrow we have a competition. It’s a dressage and i’m not so good at that. I’m rather jump hinders😉 But now i have to learn my track, or what it be called ✋😁

Today was lovely!💗
I gallop on the field without the saddle again😁 It’s as funny every time😍. After i have go a round i see 2 reindeers🙊 They was so near. And one of them was a baby.🙀 I’ve been very scary. I haven’t see a baby reindeer before.😬
But nothings happend.
The babys mom vas near to him/she.😊